Code of Conduct

Every Society, Organisation, Club, Family and School operates to a set of rules for acceptable behaviour.  The Manly Warringah Little Athletics Code of Conduct is designed to help and protect the rights of each athlete and encourage responsibility.

We encourage Parents to go through the following points regarding acceptable behaviour at Centre competitions and all carnivals conducted by the Little Athletics Association of New South Wales Inc.

  • All athletes are to compete in correct club uniform (including age patch and registration number) at Centre competitions and the centre uniform when representing Manly Warringah at Little Athletics carnivals.
  • Treat both the athletes and helpers in your age group and those in other age groups with respect and consideration at all times.  This also applies to all Officials.
  • Allow your peers to compete in events without causing distraction.
  • Move between events as a group with your Age Manager and Helpers, which will ensure the safety of all.
  • Stay within the area in which your age group is competing.  If you need to leave the area please tell your Age Manager.
  • Be a good sport and display good sportsmanship.
  • Listen to all Officials, Age Managers and Helpers.  Respect and value their contributions and opinions in trying to help you.
  • Do not misuse any equipment including shot puts, discus, javelins and long jump equipment etc.  All equipment is only to be used under adult supervision as its misuse can cause serious injury.
  • Fighting, swearing and other inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated and could result in refusal to compete in the next event or remaining events for that competition.
  • Consistent breach of the Code of Conduct by any athlete is not acceptable and repeat offenders may not be allowed to compete at future competitions and may also be excluded from end of season awards.

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