King and Queen of the Track

The Manly Warringah Little Athletics King and Queen of the Track races started in 2013 and are held at the end of each season to find the fastest MWLAC boy athlete over 100m and the fastest MWLAC girl athlete over 100m. Typically this race will be held on the last day of the MWLAC season prior to the awards presentation starting, however the date may be moved earlier to avoid conflicts with other sports representative competitions which affect a number of the potential qualifiers (e.g. Athletics National Championships)

The week before the race, every male athlete in the Centre and every female athlete in the Centre are ranked in order of their fastest 100m times recorded during the season at MWLAC competition (rankings are based on the athlete’s three best results for the season).

The top 8 fastest males qualify for the King of the Track race, and the top 8 fastest females qualify for the Queen of the Track race. In the event of a tie for the 8th fastest qualifier, the MWLAC committee at its sole discretion may elect to have a run off for 8th qualifier before the King or Queen of the Track race. Athletes outside of the fastest 8 times may be included in the respective race in the event that one of the 8 fastest qualifiers are unable to race on the day (by selection of the next fastest athlete).

The winner will have their name, time and the year inscribed on the perpetual King of the Track or Queen of the Track trophy and also receive a trophy for them to retain.

The honour role of the MWLAC Kings and Queens of the Track are:

Year King of the Track Time Queen of the Track Time
2013 Joshua Judd 11.71 Ruby Ritchie 12.33
2014 Patrick Frith 11.52 Ruby Ritchie 12.30
2015 Max Le Ban 11.76 Ruby Ritchie 12.39
2016 Wilson Lowe 11.73 Kristie Edwards 12.46
2017 Alex Willett 11.58 Rosie Craker 12.42
2018 Not held due to track resurfacing Not held due to track resurfacing
2019 Archie Saunders 11.66 Olivia Inkster 12.57
2020 Dylan Charlier 12.15 Lucy Scholtens 13.19
2021 Dylan Charlier 11.49 Olivia Inkster 12.13
2022 Zachary Flynn 11.80 Gabriella Taylor 12.26

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