The State Championships will be held at Sydney Olympic Park Athletic Centre (SOPAC) on the weekend of Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th March 2024. 



The list of State Qualifiers is now available:



Click here for information about the event including the program, maps and spectator ticket information.

Please note, where “WUT” appears in the Event Number, this event will be held on the Warm Up Track.



Athletes MUST check-in with the Manly Warringah Team Manager at least ONE HOUR PRIOR to their event. Uniforms, patches and parent duties will be checked at this time.



There are 2 call rooms:

  • Main Track – located near Gate A at the top of the hill near the exit to Shane Gould Avenue
  • Warm-up Track – located on the left as you enter that track (left of grandstand).

NO calls will be made. All events have scheduled start times. The order of events shows both the call room time and start time of every event. It is the responsibility of all athletes to report to the relevant call room 20 minutes prior to the start of their event for track events and 25 minutes prior to the start of their event for field events.  If by any chance the program runs behind time, then the required adjustment to call room times will be announced.



The MWLAC parent duty roster will go live on Thursday 14th March @ 8:00pm.  Do not sign up using the link on the LANSW website as this will not count as a MWLAC duty.

All parent helpers must report to the Manly Warringah Team Manager at least fifteen minutes prior to attending your rostered duty. It is important that your name is marked off by one of the team managers or assistants.

If you have signed up as a reserve, please sign in with the Manly Warringah Team Manager at least 15 minutes prior to the commencement of your duty. If we have not been able to fill a duty or if a duty becomes available that falls within the period you have signed up, you will be moved to that duty. Where there is advance warning, we will communicate any updates via email or alternatively we will advise you when you check in. If there are no unfulfilled duties, we will ask you to leave your mobile number and we will call you if required.

All parent helpers must be wearing closed in shoes – not thongs or sandals.



The Manly Warringah Centre [not club] Uniform must be worn with the following in order to compete.  This is the same uniform that was worn at the Zone and Region Championships:

  • Cloth Registration Number on the front of the Centre Uniform top with the red border fully visible (this was handed at the State Relay or Zone Championships)
  • Coles Patch on the front right shoulder of the Centre Uniform top (this was handed out at one of the previous Championships)
  • Age Patch on the front left-hand side leg (this is currently being worn at Saturday competitions)

Please note, there will be no leniency shown at marshalling.  Any competitor not correctly attired will be sent to their Team Manager to correct their uniform, but please note that the event will not be held waiting for them to return.



U7, U8, U9 & U10: Spikes may not be worn in any event.

U11 – U12: Spikes may be worn in all track events run entirely in lanes, all jumps events and javelin.

U13 to U17: Spikes may be worn in all track events (except walks), all jumps events, and javelin.

Please note:

  • No athlete may compete bare foot in any event.
  • All spike shoes must be worn with all holes filled with a complete set of spikes, with no more than two blanks/slugs installed.
  • Spiked shoes must only be worn during the event.  Spiked shoes must be removed or suitably covered before leaving the defined ‘Field of Play’ and must not be worn to walk around the venue.



Starting blocks are to be used by all athletes using spiked footwear in all athletic track events, up to and including 400 metres and the first runner of the 4 x 100m relays. This is a condition of entry at Sydney Olympic Park Athletics Centre.

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