Under 6 - Pocket Rockets

The following information applies to the Under 6 Pocket Rockets

Competition begins in January. Registrations are now open!


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Where is competition held?

Sydney Academy of Sport, Narrabeen

How much does it cost?

Cost varies slightly each year but is approximately $120

Can i use an active kids voucher?

Yes, while Active Kids vouchers exist, they are useable!

Do I need to do parent duties?

No, as a Pocket Rocket parent you don’t pay a parent duty bond and are not required to help, but we can always do with more help and will never say no to extra assistance!

How long does it last?

Roughly 2 hours however this can vary depending on the volume of athletes in each age group and the wait time for each event

When does it start?

Friday 12 Jan at 5.30pm (twilights during January school holidays) then Saturday mornings 7.45am until mid-March

How old does my child need to be?

Please check the Age Matrix.

What to bring?

Water bottle, enclosed shoes, hat, sunscreen

What does my child wear?

Under 6s are not required to purchase a club uniform, however, please feel free to buy one if your child would like to get into the spirit, available in our club house

Is there anything I need to pick up beforehand?

No. Please come to the Computer Room on the day to collect your child’s registration packs

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