Centre Representation

  • Note: cloth numbers for all competitors (aside from athletes who competed at State Relays) will be handed out at the sign-in desk.

    All competitors must wear the correct, approved Centre uniform, which includes:

    • The correct individual (with the red border fully visible) cloth registration number firmly attached to the front of their top.
    • Correct Age Patch firmly attached to the front left-hand side of the top or shorts.
    • The Coles patch, firmly attached to the right-hand chest of the top.
    • Pins are acceptable, provided the patches are all secured well and do not ‘flap’ around loosely.

    Events will not be held for athletes while they source the correct uniform.
    Events will not be held for athletes who have misplaced their cloth number and need to have a new number issued.

Note – All number patches must show the red border

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