Parent Duties


All families eligible to receive their parent duty bond refund have now been contacted via the email address used to register their athletes at the start of the season.

If you believe you completed your 4 parent duties and have not heard from us please contact by Friday 31st May 2024 and we will investigate.

Any request to review the parent duties after this date will not be actioned.



How many Duties?

Your child’s registration is not complete until you have selected your parent duties. Each family is required to complete 2 duties prior to the Christmas break and 2 duties in the new year.  Please click here to sign up for your first 2 pre-Christmas parent duties.  Sign-up for the post-Christmas duties will open in early December.



If you need more information, read below.

Little Athletics can only function through volunteers. All the regular faces you see at the track – committee members, officials, starters, age managers, canteen manager, IT and equipment specialists – they are all volunteers. In addition, every week we need parent volunteers to fulfil a range of duties that enable us to deliver Saturday morning competition.

The Centre (through each 5 clubs), levies a parent duty bond of $150 per family in order to encourage parents to fulfil their parent duties – just 4 per family per season. This bond is payable at registration and families are eligible for a full refund after completing all duties for the season.  Refunds to those eligible are paid after the end of the season.

Other Parent Duties you need to know about

Should your child qualify for Zone, Region or State level competition, you must also perform rostered duties for our Centre, which is in addition to club parent duties. Please note that a parent duty bond refund is dependent on these additional parent duties also being completed.

Please also note that when you choose to assist an Age Manager it is greatly appreciated… but it is not included in the list of duties that contribute towards your parent duty bond refund.

Before selecting your parent duties, you should know:

  • Parent duties are a great way to meet other parents
  • Please select carefully to avoid having to make changes.  This has a knock on effect for the committee to manage
  • Whether you are a Reserve or have a specific duty, sometimes you may be assigned to doing a different duty if we are short of helpers
  • If there are no available duties, sign up to the waitlist and we will be in touch as soon as an availability opens up!

When you are ready to register click the link at the top of this page to select your parent duties.


  • Use the “Add to Outlook/iCal” function to load your parent duty dates to your calendar
  • Print your duties or save them on your phone and bring them with you to one of your club’s Collection days
  • Use the same link anytime to see what duties you have signed up for

What to do on your parent duty day?

Please arrive on time.

You must sign on at the desk before completing your parent duty.  It’s how we record that you have completed your duty (if you don’t sign on we cannot refund your parent duty bond).

Reserve (only 1 reserve duty can be selected per family)

If you sign up as a ready reserve you will be called to help somewhere in the centre during your shift.  You must be available for the whole time period of your shift. Please bring a hat and wear closed toe shoes.

You may receive an email in the days prior to your shift indicating where you will be allocated.

Please sign on at the desk on arrival.

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